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One of the biggest power consumers of winter are those electric stock tank heaters.  Even though they only keep the water at 40F, they can cost $100s per winter to operate.  A metal tank sitting on the ground surrounded by cold air does take a lot of energy to heat, but a simple barrier of insulation and a little solar gain has proven to solve the problem 90% of the time.  Ice that does form on the top will be much thinner, allowing the animals to break it themselves oftentimes, and you can still use that electric heater as a backup. 

Here you see the south side of the tank enclosure with the twin wall greenhouse panel collecting solar heat.  The lid is covered by EPDM rubber roofing with an access hole cut out for access by the horses.

Here is Gary's model in action just south of Bozeman.  For complete details of how it was built and a full cost analysis, visit Build It Solar's web site.  We are just beginning to offer these for sale, the current price is $499 complete, delivered, and set up for you, custom sized to any stock tank.  Send an email if you are interested.