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This page last updated on:  Thursday March 08, 2018

NEW IN 2016:  Bozeman Bike Rentals! Affordable, practical bikes delivered to your door.

This site is an orientation to local energy, focusing on:

Solar Air Heating   
> best value solar heating

Electric Bikes & Lawmowers
> Easy ways of getting away from internal combustion and reducing energy use  

Biofuels from Used Vegetable Oil  
diesel fuel substitute - home heating - power generation

Take a tour of the site - see what aspects of renewable energy you might like to apply to your life.  There's no need to wait for new technology, a fresh look at daily energy use can cut your impact in half, creating a better, more efficient (and thereby less financially costly) way of life for everyone.    
Solar Furnaces

Ideal for:  Shops / Barns / Arenas / Airplane Hangers
Many northern climates are perfect places for solar applications, southwest Montana being one off them, with excellent solar radiation and plenty of heating needs.  Our wall-mounted solar air heaters are the epitome of simple, with no expensive materials or technology and have a very little embodied energy tied up in the materials themselves.  The heater pulls cool air from the floor space, warms it by 50-80 degrees inside the panel, then the warm air convects naturally into the building through the upper vents.  As the warm air enters the building, cool air is naturally drawn into the heater and the cycle continues.
   We have completed six units and are available for consultation on your project.  The 80'x12' panel shown above provides the bulk of the heat for a riding arena all winter long - in fact the back up heat is only turned on once or twice a year  This heater, along with insulation, has enabled winter use of the arena for the first time that it was built. 
More Info including our video demonstrating the power of solar furnaces.

Nano Houses and Rooms
In the spring of 2012 we built a 12x16 super efficient multifunctional office.  Built on skids (no foundation) with SIPS, these structures are affordable, go up fast, and are warm and solid.  They make great spare rooms for use as anything from a guest sleeping room to studios, playrooms, quiet rooms, or when you just need more space but don't want to add on to your house.  More Info


Electric Bicycles & Lawnmowers
Including Bozeman Bike Rentals and All Electric Lawn Mowing Service

Here is a favorite & funny blog on biking vs cars:

Lowest overhead possible for a mowing operation means cheaper rates, and 98% less emissions! 

We believe Electric vehicles (EV) are a true solution and there is a page in this web site devoted to them.  Electric assisted bikes are the most efficient means of moving yourself and quite a load, bar none.  At $.003/mile, the electricity used is negligible, and they are four times more useful than a regular bike.  Cars cannot keep up with these units, even in 35 mph urban zones.  They top out at 25-30 mph and go 15-25 miles between charges. 

EVs go along well with large-scale wind and solar power, as they can be used to store off-peak power as well as for transportation.  Having an EV is like having a backup power supply.  If you haven't seen the documentary Who Killed The Electric Car then it's time to do so.  It's one of the most entertaining documentaries we've seen, in addition to being extremely important. 

If you think going electric is expensive, think about the $600/mo you're probably spending on each gas car.....  More Info

Used cooking oil
collection, filtration and use as diesel fuel in vehicles, generators, and home heating boilers (all 3 aspects successfully demonstrated and used)

Restaurants across Montana supply used cooking oil which is partyly sold as SVO fuel for converted diesel vehicles, the remainder is turned into biodiesel for sale locally at fuel pumps or by bulk purchase. Some biodiesel is produced locally, some is transported to larger factories and then backhauled to Bozeman.

The generator project picutred was funded by Northwestern Energy: 15 kw stationary genset running on SVO with utilization of waste heat (exhaust and engine) in radiant heat system as well as electricity to power a 48-volt battery bank with inverter.  Electricity generated by internal combustion is not allowed to be net-metered in Montana, so battery storage is required. 
     Thinking about switching to used cooking oil? 
More Info on Vegetable Oil Primer Page


This page last updated on:  Thursday March 08, 2018


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