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Electric Lawn Mowing

Clean, quiet cordless electric mower - uses 0.2 cents per lawn
Cordless weedeater
Cordless blower for the finishing the job
Transported with an electric assisted bicycle & trailer Ė no car traffic created 

and.... We only mow when your lawn needs it, saving you $100's in late summer mowing

We have far too many years of mowing experience, but mowing without petroleum is fun and sustainable.  We work fast and donít waste time maintaining or hauling around oversized, expensive equipment, so the rates are so low that everyone wins - except the old-school petroleum powered mowing companies.  Our electric push mower has all the power of a gasoline mower but without the stink and maintance.

Truck operating mowing services have to charge you for operating a $10-30k truck/trailer and related vehicle licensing/insurance costs, $1-4k in lawn mowers, plus other gas powered trimmers and blowers.  No wonder their rates are so high.  We have a $1700 bicycle w/trailer, $300 mower, $105 trimmer, and a $50 blower. 

Other services available:
Electric bikes
Custom bike trailers 
Edible Landscaping & Garden Maintenance
Drip irrigation installation
Home weatherization
Energy consulting and conservation
Solar air and water heating
Window washing
Zero effort, affordable compost systems

Call Paul at 580-3223  or email at

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